Who is Jack? And what about Mack?

Jack is Alexander, a lifelong shoe nut and the man behind the Lisa Tucci shoe brand. A globetrotter who hovers between impulsive and calculating. But his gut feeling is always important to him.

He's always loved really good coffee and his many trips to southern Europe have reinforced this feeling. Drinking coffee should be a moment where you feel alive! He loves a strong espresso at any moment of the day.

Mack is a Portuguese roastery. Don't expect an industrial roast where some of the coffee beans are burnt (think coffee beans with a sheen) and some of the coffee beans go unroasted. Here, with 2 roasting kettles of 120 KG each, the coffee is carefully roasted setting the basis for an excellent coffee.

One connects Jack to Mack; the love of a good coffee that can be a little stronger at an honest price. We take advantage of the transparancy of the internet, the Dutch cleverness of Jack and Mack's care while roasting. We already said it: we want to expand the rules in the coffee business and bring a 'brave' coffee to the market.