Ever heard of synesthesia? The word comes from the Greek and means something like "mixing of the senses". Synesthetes have the rare ability to taste colors, smell music, or hear coffee. Taste as destiny, so to speak. blessing or overload? The opinions are divided. But one thing is for sure: taste is in all of us. It's up to us to find and cultivate it.

The formation of taste as a long process

Fashion, food, drinks and music: each of us has certain preferences. And that's a good thing: After all, we constantly have to separate the important from the unimportant. For example, our brain can distinguish more than 10,000 smells from each other. It's important to know what you like and don't like. Who tells us this? Our “good” taste. Shaping taste is hard work: because, as so often in life, the search is accompanied by mistakes and setbacks. But it's worth it: Because a trained sense of taste enriches our lives. So every meal - or every cup of coffee - becomes a taste experience. Literally.

Just try it out

We like certain things right away, others not at all. Why? Children initially prefer sweet and fatty foods. Because these indicate rich energy sources in nature. When faced with bitter and sour food, infants intuitively stick out their tongues to protect themselves from poisons. Only when we get older do we learn through experience that even healthy and valuable food can taste very intense. Or did you like cheese, lemons, wine or coffee the first time? Certainly not. So taste is learned. Don't you have to have tried everything first to say: "That's my thing?" We think: Yes, definitely! Because facing new adventures always means expanding your own horizons. "What the farmer doesn't know, he doesn't eat?" Not a particularly royal attitude!

Sharpen your sense of taste - even at home

Some bad news: you can't force yourself to like broccoli or tuna, for example. Your taste memory does that for you. Because every meal and every smell is stored there. Nevertheless, you can train your senses: Studies have shown that we get used to complex aromas within a few weeks - and learn to appreciate them. The desire for simple taste impressions forms over time. Would you like to further develop your taste? Coffee is great for this! After all, it contains over 1000 aromatic substances - twice as many as wine. Try to taste the aromas in your morning cup of coffee! You will find that your taste buds are discovering more every day. It's the same with your sense of smell: blindfolded, let yourself be served spices (or of course different types of coffee ;-) and concentrate fully on the aroma that you smell. We promise you: This will be a whole new sensory experience and will improve your taste!

Another great experiment for at home: Enjoy your next dinner, for example, in a darkened room or with your eyes blindfolded. Concentrate on the texture of the food, the flavors and the chewing sensation. Favorite dishes get a whole new taste, while unfamiliar dishes offer a whole new experience.

The beauty of good taste: it doubles when you share it. And drinking coffee is just more fun for two. So grab your best friend, your colleague or the nice neighbor. Because with a good cup of coffee, tastes have always been in agreement.