4 reasons for black coffee

#1 Turn on your turbo

Without three Espresso Fortes you can't do anything in the morning? No wonder. Coffee improves your performance by up to 12 percent. It increases your adrenaline level. And promotes your concentration. So the perfect drink for meeting marathons. But beware: the full dose of caffeine is only available undiluted. One to zero for black coffee drinkers.

#2 All the flavors in the world. In a cup.

cinnamon. Leather. peaches. Coffee really can taste like almost anything. It contains over 1000 aromatic substances. Twice as many as wine! It's only logical that coffee nerds don't tolerate a drop of milk in their coffee. After all, there is nothing nicer than discussing at length whether a Caffè Lungo tastes nutty or peppery. And nothing should distract the taste buds. Especially not milk.

#3 Just a matter of getting used to it

Children are often picky and only like a few foods. We only get used to hot, spicy and intense aromas as we get older. You probably didn't like your first glass of red wine that much either? Many never get used to the taste of black coffee. They cover it with milk and sugar instead. They never learn that genuine coffee is a real delicacy. And just a matter of getting used to it – like good red wine!

#4 Black is the new black

The color black has a reputation for being dark and depressing. However, only with us. In Asia, white is the color of mourning. And quite apart from that: What style do you always hit the mark with? Even. Of course, this does not only apply to your outfit. Even style-conscious coffee fans know: Black is beautiful.