4 reasons for coffee with milk

#1 latte drinkers are more relaxed

A relaxed breakfast with your friends. But why is the table top shaking? The cause is quickly found: The jittery caffeine junkie in your round. Other symptoms of coffee purism? Talking without periods and commas and nervous tapping of fingers. Let's praise our lattes.

#2 Black is boring

Sure. Coffee connoisseurs can recognize hundreds of varieties blindfolded. But for many, coffee mainly tastes like? Exactly, coffee. It's good that there are plenty of ways to pimp the hot drink. Soy milk. Almond milk. rice milk. oat milk. And recently the hemp milk popular among hipsters. Isn't that enough for you? Then google coffee trends. Or get inspired here.

#3 We love latte art

Ever watched a barista at work? How he tops your cappuccino with a little work of art within seconds? Almost too nice to drink! Whether tulip. Swan. Heart. Butterfly. Without latte art, the coffee shop would only be half as nice. Because the eye drinks too.

#4 Bitter? No thanks.

Let's be real. Black coffee sometimes tastes bitter. This is not for everyone. Often the only remedy is a good splash of milk. Neat caramel syrup. And some cocoa powder on top. Why not? Life is already bitter enough. At least we can sweeten our coffee.

So, which camp now has the better arguments? Definitely both. Because what would your coffee round be without a black coffee drinker or a latte lover? Correct: imperfect like yin without yang.