from Alexander Loffeld

Some just like coffee, others are real coffee connoisseurs and then there are those who might take the subject of coffee a bit too seriously: the coffee nerds.

It's Saturday afternoon and you're standing in your trusted coffee shop. The line to the counter is long. Today it seems to be taking forever and after a few minutes you can see why: in the front a young man - bearded, of course - is talking shop with the barista. It's all about the right degree of hardness of the water for your cold brew. The first in line roll their eyes.

If you were to give this young gentleman a label, it would probably be "coffee nerd". This species of coffee drinker gets a nervous twitch just thinking about instant coffee. But what exactly is a nerd?

According to the dictionary, the common nerd is originally a "very intelligent but socially isolated computer fan". In everyday life, we usually use this term in a more positive way and use it to describe a person with a pronounced interest and enthusiasm for special topics.

For the coffee nerd, this special topic is of course coffee. With an almost philosophical understanding, he celebrates every single cup of his caffeinated elixir of life. While sipping his coffee through his mouth for minutes like at a wine tasting, the coffee nerd tastes clove aroma, cedar wood and sometimes even a note of blackberry . A real taste pro. The average Joe coffee drinker is happy when they taste whether the milk in the coffee is still good.

The coffee nerd

  • How do you recognize him? His calibrated coffee scales occasionally fall out of his pocket
  • What does he say to you? "The espresso had a clear note of maple syrup in the aftertaste - and not honey!"
  • What happens when we drink coffee together? He slaps the sugar out of your hand.
  • What can you learn from him? A lot indeed! He will be happy to explain the differences between different bean roasts, grinds and preparation methods
  • What's the best way to deal with him? Let him talk a lot. listen a little And never interfere with his coffee making.