How To Choose The Right Grinder?

If you are reading this article, your awareness of drinking coffee has probably increased. The ground coffee you used to buy no longer meets your expectations and you are considering getting the right grinder. Manual or automatic? Burr or knife?  Is it important what the burrs are made of? Does price matter?

These questions are probably on your mind right now. No wonder! The market is saturated with all kinds of models. The search for the desired grinder is like a journey without a map. Here are some tips that can prove practical when selecting a grinder.

First - Choose a burr grinder, not a knife grinder.

Why? Unlike burrs, the blades cut the coffee bean unevenly. In addition, the temperature of the coffee increases, which accelerates the release of carbon dioxide and degrades the aromatic volatile compounds.

Second - Adjustment and repeatability of the grinding degree:

As coffee itself - a good grinder is not enough to brew a coffee with a complete flavor and aroma. Therefore, when choosing a grinder, you should consider the possibility of a simple adjustment of the degree of grinding. This is because the appropriate degree of grinding grain should be selected for each brewing method. The thickness of the ground coffee particles has a major influence on the extraction time of the coffee (dissolving the aromas and flavors).

Third - Steel burrs:

It turns out that the material from which the burrs are made is very important. Steel burrs are more precise than ceramic ones and, above all, have a longer service life. Consequently, they do not generate high operating costs. It is worth knowing that automatic grinders have both flat and conical burrs. The difference in their operation is that conical burrs are more common in household grinders and usually grind coffee faster. Of course, it also depends on their size. The conical burrs can also grind more coffee in a shorter time, without the risk of clogging the grinding chamber.

To sum up: It is best to choose grinders with adjustable grinding degree and steel burrs.

And the last question - manual or automatic?

It depends..

Which brewing method do you want to use the grinder for? For espresso, pour over methods, French press or a Mokka? Or maybe you just need a universal grinder?

Do you only want to use your grinder at home? Or would you like to take it with you to work or on a trip?

What is your budget?

As you can see, the matter is not that simple.





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